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Woodstock requiring masks

Woodstock Village Trustee has passed an ordinance required face masks when you are walking on sidewalks, inside stores or in public outdoor areas. We support the ordinance and our staff wears masks to help protect the public and themselves. If you don’t have a mask, we have them for you just inside the front door.

Here is the ordinance:

1. Commencing July 9th, municipal buildings and all establishments located in the Village of Woodstock that invite the public into their premises for the purpose of receiving services, purchasing products, or otherwise transacting business, shall require both staff and customers (or visitors) to wear face coverings or face shields over their nose and mouth while inside the establishment.
2. Outdoor requirements: A face mask or a face shield is required to be worn by any person on any Village owned public outdoor location in the Village including but not limited to Village sidewalks, The Village Green, Vail Field (excluding active sports activity), East End Park, Teagle’s Landing and Tribou Park.

Face coverings or face shields are not required inside dining establishments once seating or dining has commenced or outside dining on sidewalks or village parks; while engaging in athletic activities such as running or bicycle riding; should not be placed on young children 2 years old and younger; on anyone who has trouble breathing; or on anyone who is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance. Municipal employees engaged in strenuous physical activity are also excluded. Federal, state, and county properties that are within the village that are excluded by law may be excluded from the ordinance.

This face covering ordinance can be enforced by the Woodstock Village Police, Health Inspector or the Village Parking Attendants. These Village employees should approach any person not wearing a face covering, inform them of the ordinance and offer a free mask if the person does not possess one. Enforcing employees should use discretion at all times.

Effective Period.
This Order shall remain in effect until the Woodstock Village Trustees amend, rescind or suspend this Order or until the Governor declares an end to the COVID-19 State of Emergency in Vermont, whichever occurs first.

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