Collector's Editions
Sept. 20, 2023  |  Woodstock, VT

The three photographers of Focus - A Vermont Gallery, Loren Fisher, Ron Lake and Bob Wagner, are excited to announce the launch of a new series of photos aimed at art collectors.

Collector's Edition opening
Sept. 1, 2023  |  Woodstock, VT

Join us Friday, Sept. 29 from 4-7 p.m. for the opening of our new Collector's Edition exhibit.

Congrats and Thank you to Our Raffle Winner!
Aug, 21, 2023  |  Woodstock, VT

Thanks to all that participated in the raffle to raise funds in support of our town and those affected by the recent floods. 

Our third anniversary
Aug. 1, 2023  |  Woodstock, VT

It's a bit hard to believe but it has been three years since we opened Focus - A Vermont Gallery. The world was just coming out of the Covid lockdown...

Banding together for support
July 16, 2023  |  Woodstock, VT

Woodstock took a big hit with this week's storms. Many homes were damaged and several businesses suffered extreme losses. The heart of the village is fine and most businesses are open, including us.

Lupines are a great way to enter summer
June 7, 2023  |  Woodstock, VT

Flower photography is not my great passion but I've alway been attracted to lupines, those wonderful wildflowers that appear around Vermont in early June. Each year I look forward to seeing the lupines since I know that summer is close at hand.

Vermont tulips in spring time
May 21, 2023  |  Woodstock, VT

One of the sure signs of spring in Vermont is tulips popping up. They are beautiful to see and fun to photograph.I decided to do something a little different this year and got some cut tulips at The Farmer's Market. I wanted to photograph them against a pure white background so the color and shape of the tulips would stand out. We have some space on the gallery's second floor so I got a large piece of while foam core that we use for matting photos and used it as the background. I shined a couple of bright lights on it to make sure it would be absolute white.

Welcome to the new website!

We are thrilled to launch our new website! It runs much faster than the old one and makes finding, selecting and purchasing photos much easier.

We've eliminated much of the clicking you had to do before to find photos...

How I shot Rolled Hay

I love living in Vermont with a camera. Since I retired, I have used the camera to motivate me to explore Vermont and find places that are hidden. Usually, I have a destination in mind, but on this day my goal was to take a drive north on Route-22A and see what I might find.

Gift Cards Available

Giving a gift of art is something special but it isn’t always easy to know what someone would like. While we always guarantee every purchase is loved, it isn’t fun to watch as your gift is opened and exuberance doesn’t fill the person’s face because you weren’t sure of their taste or decor. Gift cards to the rescue!

How I shot Bogie Mountain

If you’re a photographer, Vermont offers endless opportunities for dramatic picture taking. For the most dramatic photographs, I find dawn and dusk to be the best – The Golden Hours. Since I retired I have used the camera to motivate me to explore Vermont and find places that are often overlooked and as a result I have traveled the back roads through the middle of Vermont pretty thoroughly. Usually, I have a destination in mind, but I like the bit of adventure that comes with “I wonder where that road goes…” and finding out.