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ISS Star Trails

There are times when great planning makes for a wonderful photo and other times you just get lucky. I was photographing star trails over a Bridgewater, Vermont, pond, which is a bit of a tricky proposition. This one was shot over the period of two hours, but instead of leaving the camera open for two hours, I did a series of about 240 30 second exposures and then put them together in the computer. While waiting for the camera to do all the work, I watched as the International Space Station flew over. I knew it was coming and as it crossed the sky I realized I would pick it up in my shot. Only after I did the processing did I know it crossed right in from Polaris, the North Star, which is the center of the rotation. It’s good to be lucky.


ISS Star Trails

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12X18", 16×24″, 24X36″, 32X48″, 40X60″, 48X72", 60X90"

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Acrylic, Canvas, Metal, Paper


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